WE ARE NOT discouraging potential students. 

WE ARE sharing the information we believe is important for potential students to know.

WE ARE NOT challenging Falmouth’s reputation but WE ARE the loyal voices of the university and the community.

WE ARE  the witnesses of Falmouth changing. The university we applied to is very different to the university it’s becoming and this saddens us. We feel protective towards the Falmouth we choose.

WE ARE  concerned about the Growth of the University. We want to put pressure on the University not to grow until the proper infrastructure is in place.

WE BELIEVE too much money is spent on the ‘Falmouth Brand’ while facilities and spaces are being cut.

WE BELIEVE that communication and transparency is key to a good relationship between the University, the staff, the students and the local community.

WE WANT potential students to be experience the best of Falmouth  and to take an active interest in the uni polices and feel empowered. We want to encouraging them to build links with the local community and make Falmouth stronger in the best ways.

We wouldn’t be doing this unless we cared.


Response from Anne Carlisle about the FXU motion to halt student growth until they can provide accommodation for all the students.

“Falmouth University intends to increase its total student numbers from 5,378 in 2016/17 to 6,267 by 2020. This is from 1,912 to 1,985 on Falmouth campus, and 3,466 to 4,282 on Penryn campus. Work is already underway for the design and build of a further 1049 rooms at the Penryn Campus. It is anticipated that the rooms will be delivered across two phases in September 2018 and September 2019. Working closely with Falmouth Council and Cornwall Council, a number of sites off campus have being recognised as appropriate for the development of student housing and there is significant interest in the market to come and invest in student housing in Falmouth.”

“The only reason we wish to generate surpluses is to reinvest in the institution and the students. There are no external shareholders receiving a dividend out of profits. Universities are charitable bodies. Our relationship with FXU is vital in continuing to inform and influence decision making.” READ OPEN LETTER HERE


Falmouth University graduate adds his voice to discontent over vice chancellor’s pay rise

Falmouth University graduate writes open letter to management over growth plans

Professor Anne Carlisle, vice-chancellor and chief executive of Falmouth University, is among the finalists in the 34th annual BUSINESSWOMAN of the Year Award.


‘ The award programme – which also includes a Woman of Achievement Award – is one of the longest established in Britain and the largest event of its kind to take place outside London.

It exists to highlight and celebrate women’s successes in business and society, promoting role models and inspiring women to reach their potential.’

Business Cornwall Article HERE

Anne Carlisle Pay Rise

‘The revelation emerged as a new survey on vice-chancellors pay showed on average university bosses receive remuneration of £274,405 in 2014/15, which is 5.4 per cent higher than in 2013/14.’

THE TELEGRAPH: University vice-chancellors see 6.1 per cent pay rise as academics prepare strike

  • Anne Carlisle, vice chancellor of Falmouth University, earned £285,900
  • It is more than the £271,000 paid to the head of Edinburgh University
  • University bosses receive an average remuneration package of £252,745

Head of one of Britain’s smallest universities given £60,000 pay rise: Fat cat leader sees pay soar to £285,900 even though institution only caters for 4,200 students 

‘University and College Union (UCU) union members voted to strike after Vice Chancellor Anne Carlisle received a 25 per cent pay rise, when they are being offered just 1.1 per cent’

WESR BRITON: Falmouth University staff on the picket lines over pay


‘Falmouth University staff have reported fears of jobs being recruited to in FX Plus which are significantly lower in terms of pay than for the same job with Falmouth University. New recruits and existing staff at FX Plus have between seven and ten fewer days of annual leave than employees transferring in to the company. There are also concerns that future restructuring could erode TUPE protection and bring TUPE transferred staff onto inferior FX Plus terms and conditions over time.’